For someone that is just being introduced to smoking blunts or for someone that is experimenting with what it feels like to smoke blunts, an enormous variety of questions are likely to cross their mind. These questions might range from: “How is a blunt cut?” to “How do I decide which blunts to pick and ultimately smoke?” to “Do I know how to hold the blunts?”

What really makes a blunt is the filler. Just as a soul is what makes the essence of a human being, the filler is the soul of the blunt. For a beginner, the jargon that are associated with blunts might be a bit confusing. This jargon is not difficult to understand. The filler is the soul of the blunt. The filler is bonded together by a binder of sorts. The binder is composed of tobacco leaves that are thick. Another jargon-term that you will be hearing is the wrapper – this is the leaf that the actual blunt is wrapped inside. The wrapper is the final dressing of the blunt and is an important outfit in the blunt’s “wardrobe”.

Buying Blunts

The binder is a determining factor to be considered when making your choice among the selection of blunts available to you. The importance of the wrapper is that it holds every other component of the blunt together and also gives the blunt the rich flavor that is sought by so many blunt lovers. When purchasing a blunt, ensure to do so from a dealer that has a good reputation. A tip to keep in mind when choosing blunts from your dealer is that the flavor of the blunt is often much stronger when the tobacco is darker. So please keep that in mind.

Cutting the Blunts

Once your blunt is purchased, it is yours and you can decide how exactly to cut it. The ways to cut it are numerous, and you can pick the most suitable and convenient one for your tastes. The ways to cut a blunt include the use of a blunt scissor, V cutter, Knife, and guillotine cut. There is no specific way that a blunt is cut, all that is required is that you make your cut with style. You can even cut the blunt using your teeth for a circular cut as long as no one sees you doing that!

Once you have made a decision on how you intend to cut the blunt, as a beginner you might be wondering where exactly do I cut into a blunt? There is only one rule in how blunts are cut. Slice the blunt a little bit beyond the point it curves. This point is referred to as the “shoulder”.

Blunts, unlike blunt wraps, already have tobacco in them. The process of taking the tobacco out of the blunt is referred to as “gutting the blunt”.

The Importance of Size

To have a great smoking experience you can let the size of the ash grow. This will go a long way in reducing the temperature and it will allow the blunt to burn slowly. Never hold on to a blunt longer than necessary. Once it is nearly smoked completely, you really should part with it.

With the tips listed above you will become a pro in no time when it comes to blunts and blunt smoking in general!